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I believe my dog Kandy should be nominated for a SuperDog award because she has saved my life on many occasions. She’s a retired Guide Dog who worked with me for 9 years, but even though she’s now retired she still guides me although she’s no longer in harness.
The first time she saved my life was when we were walking through town and she stopped suddenly. A car had reversed out in front of us. If Kandy hadn’t been with me I would’ve been run over. The second time she saved my life was when we were waiting to cross at traffic lights. When the lights turned green, the crossing beeped, so I knew it was safe to cross. But Kandy wouldn’t move forward. A car suddenly ran the red light. Again if I’d been walking alone with my cane I would’ve been run over because it was the pedestrians turn to cross. She’s also stopped me from getting run over by bikes, electric scooters and even a lorry that was turning. I also have falls, but Kandy has reduced that massively because she keeps me stable. I’ve only had one fall when she was working with me, and when I fell she came and leant against me and waited for me to get up.

Recently with the various lockdowns, Kandy has helped me more than ever by being with me when I’ve felt down, depressed and anxious. She’s been with me through thick and thin. She’s one of a kind and one in a million.

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