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My 5-year-old daughter, Macy, is registered Severely Sight Impaired and we have been matched with Pablo who is a Buddy Dog from the Guide Dog charity.

Most people are unaware of this amazing scheme. Buddy dogs are dogs that have been given a career change because life as a guide dog wasn’t quite right for them.  Instead, they are matched with sight-impaired children to help increase their physical activity, build confidence, create better relationships with others, and develop a sense of fun and trust. The difference Pablo has made to Macy, and all of us as a family is astounding.  Macy’s brother, Milo, has also benefited from having Pablo live with us. He provides someone to play with when Macy is unable to, due to her limited vision.
He is the most loyal, loving dog and never leaves Macy’s side. Having Pablow with her has encouraged Macy to get outside more (she is incredibly photophobic – the light hurts her eyes).  As well as being registered blind, Macy has a rare, life-limiting genetic condition which, at 3 months old, caused her to have a cardiac arrest.  She is an amazing little girl who truly deserves this wonderful companion. Pablo sleeps by her bed and picks her up from school with me. He’s a mini-celebrity at the school gates and just this week, he helped Milo & Macy’s school raise over £1,000 for Guide Dogs, by taking part in the fundraiser ‘walk your socks off.  I’m nominating Pablo for a Naturo SuperDog Companion Award because he is the best buddy Macy could have wished for.


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