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Buffy is an absolutely beautiful dog who loves life, has the kindest and sweetest nature and is just wonderful. I have Cystic Fibrosis and she has also helped me in so many ways by being the best companion. However, Buffy has been through so much and she is only two years old. When she was six months old she had an accident and she broke her growth plate bone. She had to have surgery with pins in her growth plate. She had to be in a cage for two months whilst she recovered. She was always so happy, with her tail wagging, going to physio, doing all of her exercises and going to hydrotherapy – she was never down and just continued being her happy self. She recovered really well and the vet and physio were so pleased with her. Over the course of six months, she had to have x-rays and was put under anaesthetic. Every time when we went to pick her up,  the vet and vet nurses always said how amazing she was and how much they loved her.

Buffy recovered so well, but last year, she started to get red lesions on her skin and was constantly scratching and really uncomfortable. We took her to the vet and she had lots of tests done. We also went through lots of trial and error with her food and we eventually found out she had severe allergies.  Because it got really bad, she had to have her fur shaved and had to be put on a special restrictive diet.  All she could eat was white fish. Even though Buffy wasn’t a fan of fish,  she has done amazingly well.  She has done everything she had to do without complaining and, as always, she has been her amazing, happy self.  Luckily she has been lesion-free for a few months now and she has just been amazing with everything that she does. I’m nominating Buffy for a SuperDog Award because she is just so beautiful and I love her so much. She is truly a survivor.

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