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SuperDog Koda has been an absolute rock for me over the last year. She is Training to be my Assistance Dog ready for when her big brother retires.  This year past has been especially difficult for me and my mental health has declined due to me becoming a full-time wheelchair user due to my medical conditions. I am unable to have much independence at all. Koda has kept me going when I have been at my lowest and also when I haven’t felt like I could cope with life anymore. She is a natural in mitigating tasks and knowing when I am not OK. Even when I don’t feel in the mood to entertain her, she still stays by my side and makes sure that I know that she’s there.
She assists me with daily living tasks and helps me to have more independence, she stays with me when I have fallen and she has gone from a champion assistant, as I am a Dog Trainer and Behaviourist, to now being my support system in so many ways. I would be totally lost without Koda or probably not here without her.

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