Tia Maria Belle

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Tia Maria Belle

Well, I’ve had this little girl since she was a puppy.  Tia Marie Belle is amazing.  She has supported me through so much. Her sister, Holly, had syringomyelia and mvd and seizures and Tia alerted me every time before Holly had a seizure.  She was amazing when I was caring for my dad who had a stroke. She’d alert me if I was needed and she used to love my dad. She’d make him and my mum, who had Alzheimer’s at the same time, smile. When they moved into care homes she’d visit too. She’d greet all the residents who wanted to see her and she knew who wanted to say hi and who didn’t, who’s knee to sit on and who’s not to and sat next to them instead so they could fuss her ( no training given ). She never leaves my side when I am unwell. I have several health problems and she’s devoted to me. She is naughty too!  Bossy and the boss at our house. She barks when she knows not to demands attention .and makes us laugh a lot. She now sadly has the same condition as her sister. She is a madam sometimes but I wouldn’t have her any other way. Also, she loves Paul o Grady for the love of dogs.

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