Finlay McKinlay

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Finlay McKinlay

Finn qualified as a PAT dog in 2017 before he even turned 1 so we started supporting adults at an end-of-life care home.
Unfortunately, since the first lockdown, I have been sectioned in the hospital (May 2020). Finn is staying in the Peak District with my parents but makes a fantastic journey down to the West Midlands every week on 4 trains with my mum in order to come and visit me. He makes such a difference to my week just knowing I’ll get his unconditional love and due to his PAT dog status he’s allowed inside the hospital to see me.
He doesn’t care how many incidents I’ve had that week or how many staff have to escort me to my visit – he always gives me all his energy and gives plenty of affection to the staff too. The only thing he needs is for me to remember his ball from my wardrobe! He really is a SuperDog who continuously gives me emotional, physical and psychological support without a complaint. I can’t wait to get out and spend time with him going on long walks again as I build up my strength after my stomach surgeries. It even says on my leave form ‘with family and Finn’ and I couldn’t be prouder of the amount he helps me and others. He is such a caring dog with a massive heart.

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