Max Out in the Lake District and Team Irving

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Max Out in the Lake District and Team Irving

You’ll never know how powerful those 10-20 minutes in a day are to stop and Zone out and …. “Just B Spaniel” ❤️    I’m nominating Max and Team Irwin for a SuperDog Team Award because, even in my Darkest days, watching the dogs out and about breaks my dark thoughts and brings me back to the moment…. 🐶🧡💚❤️

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Linda Marshall
Linda Marshall
9 months ago

Max and his brothers in team Irvine are a real tonic to pull you out of a sad place if you are feel isolated, blue or just sad. The twice daily videos really do bring you into a happy place.

Janet Peppin
Janet Peppin
10 months ago

Team Irving really deserve to be nominated for this Team Award. Over the past 18 months or so since the lockdowns started Max along with his owner Kerry Irving and Kerry’s other two dogs, Paddy and Harry, he has done twice daily live feeds of walks with his Springer Spaniels out and about in the beautiful Lake District. This has helped thousands of people all over the world who may have been suffering with depression or loneliness due to the pandemic. Just to watch the 20 minutes or so live feeds showing the antics of the dogs and hearing Kerry’s gentle voice chatting away is so soothing. Team Irving has also raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for various charities, especially the PDSA. I believe they are very worthy of being nominated in this category. 🐶🐶🐶

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