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Bracken is our gorgeous 10-year-old whippet girl. In September 2019 she needed an op to remove a decompressed disc from the bottom of her spine. Then 4 months later, she needed another op to remove a slipped disc and 2 dehydrated discs in her neck. She also needed x-rays for tendon issues with her back paw. Fairly recently she needed an ultrasound on her heart when the vet discovered a heart murmur and now she needs regular tests (twice yearly ultrasounds) to make sure she is doing well. She is now on daily meditation for her heart. But this little dog greets absolutely everyone, dog and person, with a waggy tail and a great big kiss. She is always the first to have a fuss, and is such a great tonic for my gran, who we live with, and can’t really leave the house much due to mobility issues. I’m nominating Bracken for a SuperDog Award because she is the bestest little dog ever and really deserves to be recognised for that.

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