Jenson Chadwick

Companion Nominee

Jenson Chadwick

Our beautiful baby boy, Jenson has brought so much joy and happiness to our family’s life since he came home in December last year, at a time when we needed this the most. Our family has had a very difficult couple of years since Jenson’s daddy, Andrew, became disabled with an awful debilitating condition called ‘Complex Regional Pain Syndrome’ in his leg. Due to Andrews contact pain and mobility issues, we can no longer do a lot of the things as a family that we once enjoyed.  Throughout the past 6 months, Jenson has given our family a reason to smile and laugh again.  He is the funniest little pup with the biggest, sassiest personality. He knows when we need a cuddle.  He comes running when he notices we are sad and licks our faces to wipe away our tears.  We are nominating Jenson for a SuperDog Companion Award because he has really made our family come together. From training to toileting we have all had to work together. Please vote for our beautiful boy.

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