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We rescued Cookie at 14 weeks old from some kids wandering the streets wanting to get rid of her. She was a Collie cross Whippet and she was the most smart, loving caring crackpot.  She brought so much to our lives, and she rescued us all at one time or another. She went everywhere with us. We travelled thousands of miles together and went to many places. She loved a good run on the beach which was her favourite place.  She was always my shadow and knew when you needed a snuggle, comfort or a laugh. I developed serious health problems a few years ago and she knew when I was having a bad day. If we went out and I couldn’t walk far, she would wait for me to sit down and play fetch and bring the ball right to my hand, and she was happy to potter when we did walk. We were so lucky to have had her in our lives. She was a tough lady. She had a bad accident when she was 6 months old after she escaped from our garden and got hit by a car. She had a badly broken shoulder but she fully recovered from that and was very fit and active all her life. Then, when she was seven years old, she developed IBS and had a few poorly episodes but she always bounced back.  Even when she developed arthritis at 11 it was us who had to slow her down. She did eventually understand she hadn’t to run as long, and she knew she needed massage oil on her legs before we went out and when we came back.  Sadly she developed liver problems and we lost her 6 months later. But she did well on a special diet and she still loved going places and carried on being her usual wonderful self. When she suddenly dropped very ill,  we had to let her go.  She was 3 months off turning 15 years old. We are nominating Cookie for a SuperDog Award because she was the most amazing dog we could have wished for and we still miss her so much.

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