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Huxley deserves this SuperDog Companion Award because he has honestly saved me! At the end of May 2020, Branston, my chocolate labrador, had gone downhill pretty quickly causing him to be very ill, and on 1st June he, unfortunately, passed away. This left me extremely broken and caused me to go into a deep depression where I felt it might have been necessary to do some harm to myself.

On 9th July 2020, I found out about Huxley and he was one day old.  I instantly got my family to put a deposit on him and he was ours but when I found out we didn’t know which pup the name ‘Huxley was being given to as we hadn’t chosen our boy yet. About 4 weeks later, my family and I travelled 5 hours down to meet him for the first time. As I sat down in the playpen with all the pups, blue-collar came running up to me and sat on my lap. He was giving me cuddles and kisses and he wouldn’t leave my side. This was when Huxley became the name of the blue boy.


Ever since we brought him home 8 weeks after he was born, Huxley has been the bestest friend that I could ever ask for. He saved my life and has helped me so much. Every day I thank him for being by my side, giving me more cuddles, more kisses and just being my saviour.


Huxley is also in training to maybe become an assistance dog. He already knows some tasks to help with my mental health disorders and is training to alert me to my epileptic seizures. In the last 11 months that I’ve had him, he has already alerted me to around 20 seizures. We are also now training in agility together and trick training Huxley and I never leave one another’s sides and we are always looking out for each other wherever we go!

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