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Peaches has been my rock and my best friend through so many things. I have severe anxiety and she comforts me when I’m anxious. She is a darling dog to have around. She’s loved my niece, my partner’s nieces and nephews, she cuddles babies and she’s very protective over her people. She has been a great companion to several rescue and reactive dogs finding their feet in the UK and helped them gain confidence She has a best friend who is a horse and they go out walking together. Peaches is now helping her little sister, Dotty, who is a lockdown rescue pup, learn about life. Everyone who meets Peaches falls in love with her sweet nature. She is the dog that will go and break up dog fights – she stands in the middle as a peace keeper. She really is my absolute superhero. I’m nominating Peaches for a SuperDog Award because she will never ever know how much she has saved me through some dark times in the short two years I have owned her.

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