Finley the Pug

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Finley the Pug

Finley is the perfect best friend! He is kind, caring, loving and always puts a smile on your face! He came into our lives and instantly change it for the better. Finley is unlike any other Pug. His bubbly personality never fails to cheer you up when your sad, lighten up a room or make people he meets fall instantly in love with him. He has a lovely warm temperament which compliments his friendly disposition, meaning he mixes well with complete strangers and other dogs. Recently, we got a new pug puppy and Finley has been the best big brother we could have asked for!

I have never met a more food-driven dog, he loves his treats, dinner and absolutely anything he can get his paws on. One time he jumped up at our plate whilst eating a pizza and took a huge bite out of the corner and ran of into his bed to finish it, making us laugh so hard. Another funny story happened more recently. We were out on a walk around our local lakes when I heard Finley playing with the water. I go over, thinking he was having some water and instead found half of his body submerged in a swamp. He wasn’t impressed with bath later on to say the least but he definitely enjoyed himself and we had a good giggle.

Although Finley definitely has his mischievous moments, he most definitely is the most perfect pooch.

Whenever I get a spare few hours I take full advantage by taking him out into the country side for long muddy walks, he is perfect company. I could sit and watch him play in the garden all day, he loves being outside. Finley loves snuggles and every day and night without fail he will come up to the sofa and snuggle right into you.

Finley is the best companion a person could wish for. He’s my best friend. Before Finley, I would spend my free time sat on my phone or watching Netflix. He has given me a different mindset, to get out, enjoy nature, and enjoy your own company (with your dog of course). Finley has truly changed my life in so many amazing ways!

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