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I was suffering from a breakup of a ten-year relationship. I was in so much pain from it. I couldn’t get out of bed, and my job was close to firing me. My dad said to me “what can I do to help”? I just fell to the floor and I said, “I need something to Love again Dad”. He instantly said, “Okay, let’s find you a companion” I brought Patchy at 10 weeks old. I saw him on a website and fell totally in love just from the picture. I went to his birth home to view the pups. But I didn’t look at any of the pups. I felt this little thing bite my ankle (drew blood) and chew my shoelace. I looked down and saw this gorgeous spotted black and white tiny head, with big puppy eyes looking up at me and it was him. The one from the picture I fell for. It was meant to be! He chose me!

Patchy is my best friend. We’ve gone on holiday, done trips around the country, gone out to dinner together etc. He saved me from that heartbreaking break-up after 10 years. Without having Patchy to look after, teach, walk every day, learn tricks and take him to agility or puppy classes, I may have not have been here today. Patchy has turned my life around. My dad is also a big part of his life as a grandad. He gets spoilt by him and they have quite the bromance.


I now have a partner I’ve been with for almost two years and they have a lovely relationship. Patchy is almost 4 years old and the happiest pup you will ever meet. He has a great little personality and loves socks and anything that’s squeaky. He’s won many awards in local fun dog shows which I’m so proud of, like for best dog tricks, handsome boy, clever boy, the biggest smile and the best one of all, happiest dog. People that meet him always say, “Wow what a gorgeous dog. Look at that big smile.”

I want Patchy to be nominated for a SuperDog Award because I am so in love and incredibly proud of him, and for him to be extra spoilt like he deserves!


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