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Ava is a nearly 8-month-old tiny chihuahua. She is my mental health assistance dog, and brings me, (her owner) smiles and a purpose to fighting my mental illnesses every day. She makes it possible for me to access the community, leave the house and socialise as well as many other things. Prior to Ava coming into my life, I was unable to leave the house unaccompanied, go out without a panic attack or talk to strangers. Alongside my mental health struggles, I am autistic and Ava has helped me with my social skills so much and given me so much confidence. She brings a bit of light to life. She helps keep me calm which prevents many meltdowns. I was struggling to stay alive and was in a very dark place before Ava came into my life. On my worst days, she knows when I’m upset, gives me kisses and snuggles when I’m crying and will lick my scars. I’m nominating her for a SuperDog Award becuase she is a friend and support like no other and I wouldn’t be alive without her.

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