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Mitsy is my hero because she has saved my life so many times, more than people are aware of. Without Mitsy I would not be here today! Mitsy is my fully trained multipurpose Assistance Dog (Psychiatric, Autism, physical and medical alert).

I have had Mitsy for six years now and she gave me my life back. I thought I had to fight my demons and disabilities alone,  but not with Mitsy at my side. I am never alone. Mitsy knows way over 50 tasks to help me with all my disabilities and to keep me safe. She can alert me to oncoming migraines so I can take my medication before they hit so I can stop me going blind, or to get somewhere safe and alert someone. Mitsy can also alert me to oncoming dizzy spells caused by one of my physical disabilities. This gives me time to find somewhere to sit down so I don’t fall down and hurt myself. Mitsy can also open and close doors, and get items for me when I can’t.  She can find said items too! Mitsy can also get help if I need it.
There’s so much Mitsy can do. She’s really is a superhero who deserves a SuperDog Award. I love her so much, and I’m so grateful she came into my life. I can’t imagine life without her! 💚

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