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Peanut is a hideous creature. The intensity of her breath is matched only by the smell of her behind. She regularly hurls up grass, choosing areas of maximum damage (on the beds, the sisal carpet, in a shoe) rather than the wipe-clean tiles downstairs.
When out for a walk she favours locally sourced snacks rather than the organic chews we bring along – a dead bird, some badger poo or maybe, if she’s feeling Mediterranean, something she’s passed a previous day. Her farts could clear the O2 and her incessant bark when at the beach elicits anger and frustration normally reserved for the viewers of Mrs Brown’s boys. She does no tricks, won’t come when you call her and drags her arse along the floor when we have guests. And yet ….. Our daughters Matilda and Maisie love her more than life itself and for some reason, she is their Superdog. Wonders will never cease!

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