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Hi. My name is Beki. I’m a 3-year-old Labrador retriever cross middle-eastern hound. My two pawed dad (weird), Josh, found me and my sister in Halkidiki, Greece, on the beach when I was 12 weeks old. We were hungry thirsty alone and so scared. One day, before I met dad, my mummy and siblings wouldn’t wake up to play or find food, (they must have been really tired from all my games). My sister and I needed to find food and some shelter, so we went to the beach where the humans are, even though mummy told us to stay away. My sister was really scared. I told her to wait whilst I find some snacks, and that’s when I found dad! Dad was on the beach, with treats and water. I couldn’t wait to get back to my sister to tell her the good news and bring her food. Over the next few weeks, dad and I bonded (of course with the help of a little puppy eye charm) but my sister was still really scared. Every day I would sit with dad, and wait for the other humans to “give” me food. I asked 50% of the time, maybe, we were just so damn hungry! Plus, I’m adorable so I can get away with it. Dad told me that he was going to bring me “home”. I didn’t know what that was, but one day he put me and my sister into a box, and we were all of a sudden so sleepy. When we woke up we weren’t at the beach anymore, but in a strange place that always rains! We changed from our little box to a much bigger box, big enough to fit dad in too with lots of other smaller boxes inside(bamboozled). Was this “home”? Outside the ground was light green, dark green, brown-green, or sometimes even white and cold. My dad couldn’t look after me and my sister together, so my sister went to another “home” down the road, but I get to see her almost every day. Now I get to spend every day with dad and take care of him like he took care of me. Dad says I saved him too (#teamwork) I’ve stopped looking for this place “home”. Silly me, home was dad all along. Anyway, I got to go now and play. I hope you liked my story, and thanks for putting on a great Big Dog Walk for me and my dad.

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