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Kane was about two years old when we rescued him from going into a shelter for the 3rd time in his short life. He’s been my rock. Since he has become part of my family, we have lost my father-in-law, my old dog of 9 years, my mum’s had a stroke, and my dad became seriously ill and sadly passed a couple of weeks ago. Both my husband and I are also going through the process of redundancy. Throughout all this, Kane has gone from a nervous little boy to an amazing, caring, fun-loving boy who loved entertaining the patients on the hospital ward my dad was on, cheering up the nurses they loved him going to see his grumpy pa. He brightened peoples day, just by being him. He’s there for me and getting me through this tough time. All this from a Facebook post. I truly believe Kane is a SuperDog, he brightens the room when he comes in and leaves a lasting impression.

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