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I have chosen to nominate Alice for the SuperDog Companion award, because not only is she my best friend, she is the reason I am here today. Sadly, I experienced ongoing sexual abuse in childhood which has resulted in a long journey of mental health challenges for me. I am filled with anxiety, depression and suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. After numerous suicide attempts, and after having lost someone close to me, I got Alice, and her purpose became to keep me, Debby, her owner ALIVE. It is with no exaggeration that I can say that I would not be here today without Alice. Alice helped me stay safe at home, no longer requiring hospital admissions and she has helped me engage in therapy and stop self-harming behaviours. Alice senses when I am low and is always by my side with kisses, licks and love. With Alice, life feels possible. I have the confidence to go out, to speak to people, to meet others and each day she pulls me further away from the dark place I was in. She is helping me recover one day at a time.

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