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Barnabus is my life-transforming assistance dog. We have been a devoted partnership for over eight years now, and I can truly say I would not be here today without him by my side.

Barnabus loves his job, helping me with many tasks such as opening doors, undressing me, retrieving out-of-reach or dropped items, and so many more tasks I find incredibly painful, tiring and some completely impossible as a wheelchair user with multiple chronic illnesses and disabilities.

He is such a happy boy and is so in tune with me and my needs. Barney is able to naturally alert me to medical episodes and will grab my meds, lying on me to make sure Iā€™m safe and can call someone for help when needed. All his brilliant physical help has given me so much more independence and in turn, given me my confidence back. He is my constant companion, emotionally giving me happiness I never thought Iā€™d get back since becoming ill as a young child. He is my world, and I love and care for him unconditionally.

Barnabus has an amazing lust for life both as my canine carer and happy-go-lucky dog. He is my life-changing teammate to whom Iā€™m forever grateful. I love my happy, hard-working carer.

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