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Pippi is a 5kg teeny Pomeranian and two weeks ago she was run over, the car literally went over her back end. Pippi was not in the road we were enjoying a walk with my daughter on her horse on a private farm track. Pippi was alive miraculously but squealing in pain and unable to move. We rushed her to the vets where she was taken off of me and rushed into the hospital. Pippi was put on morphine and ketamine through a drip for the pain and treated for shock. They couldn’t anaesthetise her until she was stable. Knowing she was there in pain without me was the worst thing, she was in the best place but I wasn’t with her. Two days later I was told she had fractured her pelvis in two places and broken it in one. She had also damaged her tail and the base of her spine which we were warned may leave her incontinent.
One more day and Pippi was able to come home on strict crate rest. When I took her in my arms from the vet she licked and licked my face and although still in pain and on a lot of pain relief, she was still my cheeky little Pip.
Well as soon as we got home she stood in the gร rden on the lead and did a wee. This girl was not incontinent, she was in control. She is Pippi and she won’t let being run over stop her! Two weeks on and the recovery she is making is incredible. The vets are amazed, we are amazed and Pippi is a total miracle!!

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