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This is our dog Mako (named by my son). We have had her for seven years and she was hand-reared. She almost died because of breeders. Anyway, I want to nominate her for a SuperDog Award because she has been one of the most loyal little dogs we have ever had. We saved her but now she saves us.

My son has behaviour disorders and she helps to calm him down and plays with him and comforts him. I also have a pituitary gland brain tumour and epilepsy as well as fibromyalgia and a lot of other illnesses. Mako helps me if I’m in pain and she will sit with me and comforts me. If I have pain she instantly knows and sits where it hurts. She also protects me if my son or I feel anxious.

Last year she almost died again after taking her on a countryside walk. Someone baited something she ate. It was a rubber pellet and she had a blocked intestine. She almost died but she miraculously made an amazing recovery and is fighting alongside me and my son Tyler again. This dog has been through a hard journey with us but she never gives up. She’s my best friend I love her.

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2 years ago

I’m sorry to tell you guys but Mako sadly passed away in August they suspected a grumbling pancreatitis and there was nothing they could do she stopped eating drinking became aggressive because of the pain, she fighted as long has she could. On August 15th she was put to sleep to me she will always be a superhero like everyone of your fur babies good luck to each and everyone of you with for babies. They are family they are what keeps us going and the most loyalists companies we could ever ask for.
God bless everyone who took the time to vote.
Best wishes Steph Tyler and make who is now on the stars (in her urn of ashes, in our cupboard until we have the will to spread some of the! Around her favourite places we took her on walks.

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SDA Team
2 years ago
Reply to  Stephanie

Oh Steph, we’re so very sad to learn of Mako’s passing and we’re sending you all the love in the world through this painful loss.

2 years ago
Reply to  SDA Team

Thank you! Once the PDSA insurer’s are sorted with my some of her will be scattered in her favourite walk areas and the back garden. Then she will be staying in her unique urn by Green Pastures cremation personalised. Then we will Begin the grieving process under pet bereavement from the PDSA they have been amazing.

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