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I am Shadow. A dog left for dead in a cellar in Romania. I was tied up with wire around my neck until someone heard my fading whimpers and brought rescuers to free me and carry me out. I was taken to Sirius Rescue and with help of sponsors in the U.K. they took me through months of recovery. Unlike my other dog friends, I can’t bark as the wire appears to have done damage. I was able however to send coded messages to King a Chinese Meat Trade rescue who had made his way to Northern Ireland to ask him if I could be his brother from another mother! I got on buses and boats and more boats and cars and with my pet passport travelled through Europe then up through the U.K. to Scotland before going to Northern Ireland. From being at death’s door, I have learnt to be a family dog in my little pack, guided by my brother King. I am everyone’s friend and my happy wiggles make me a bit of a local celebrity. I have lots of doggie friends that love to see me when on my walks and my tail never stops wagging! I know where all the cafes are, I love going to the beach to run on the sand or the park to play chases or fetch as long as I get treats on my return. In the heads of my humans, I am the ultimate survivor with a positive outlook and influence on all the humans I meet! My photos attached really do say a thousand words and more. Please vote for me.
My twitter profile is on @KingtheChinese1 and is called The King & His Shadow. I am sure I will get extra treats for it!

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