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Hector is the most loving, excitable, crazy and loyal dog. He is full of adventure and mischief.

We got Hector last October in the hopes when we fell pregnant he would make a good companion for our baby and we could watch them grow together…. This was the plan.

We were overjoyed when he came home and grew to be a handsome, happy and lovable rogue! He fitted right into our family.

Then came the baby ….

Mina was born 05.03.2021 and from the minute we brought her home Hector had been her constant companion, he lays with her, gives her kisses and cries when she’s away from him. He really is the best big brother … and little brother, his big sister is a hedgehog called Miss Gloria Clementine! He loves her too but she’s a tad… Prickly!

Hector loves everyone, especially his sisters.

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