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In 2013 Angus had a lifesaving emergency urethrostomy due to urinary stone blockage and was given a new opening to urinate from. He was very poorly and still recovering when just 2 months later he was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease. He still has regular flare-ups of both conditions which have taken their toll over the years and caused him to suffer from crippling anxiety.
In the last eighteen months, he has been struggling with arthritis which got too bad for him to manage the stairs, so we bought a fold-up mattress to sleep on together downstairs instead. Some days he needs help getting on the sofa and his legs often buckle.
He is 12 next month and his lifestyle is very restricted as we now can’t go out for walks or have visitors due to the severity of his anxiety.
However, despite all this, he is the waggiest, funniest most loving boy who never fails to make us laugh and always has a kiss for us no matter how bad he’s feeling.
He never gives up, no matter what the day throws at him.
He makes every day joyful and we consider ourselves incredibly lucky to share our life with this amazing boy.
He’s our hero.

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