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Biscuit without a doubt deserves to win the SuperDog Companion Award.

Biscuit has been a very sweet, caring boy throughout all of the lockdown for the children who I care for in my Childminding. He also cares for me as I have underactive thyroid hypothyroidism at the age of only 30, which I have been trying to heal naturally and I wouldn’t of been able to do it without him. He keeps me going where at times I have felt like I can’t. I live alone and the joy he has bought to my life and to the children has been a pure joy. Biscuit likes to swing on the swings at the play park, he comes paddle boarding with me, he is always there for kisses and cuddles. Biscuit makes everyone around him smile when on walks with his little hide and seek play where he hides in the water behind a weed where he thinks no one can see him but we all can of course and this has made so many smile. Biscuit has kept children busy throughout lockdown with doing all his funny tricks such as roll over and pose for the camera which has kept them smiling when they come to my childcare setting and where at times I feel like I’ve no energy to do anything he has given me all the love, energy and happiness a girl could ask for.

He truly is my life, my world and my hero.

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