Stewie pug

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Stewie pug

Stewie pug is an amazing companion. I have a brain injury and eupd so I regularly feel suicidal through no choice of my own. Before having Stewie pug, I would regularly act on these thoughts, but since getting him these instances are few and far between and if they do happen I stop and think when I see Stewie pugs face. It’s a special kind of love. He goes where I go. If I’m low he gives me a hug. If I eat he scratches me until I give in lol. He’s an amazing dog. During lockdown, he and I and his brother would cycle around on a trike together to give us something to do. Other times we’d chill In the hammock. I truly couldn’t be without him. When he was poorly and was on strict crate rest we got in with him to stop him crying. We are one and where one goes all go – not literally though.

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