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I would like to Nominate Rainbow for a SuperDog Award. She didn’t have the greatest start in life and came from a horrific, unethical breeder. She was skin and bone – her dog mother only feeding them till 6 weeks of age. Thankfully the breeder does not own dogs anymore (reasons unknown). Rainbow is now a fun-loving 3-year-old and is so clever. Even with her stubbornness, she knows over 20 commands and tricks.

As Dalmatians are very energetic dogs and were bred to run alongside horse-drawn carriages, we now participate in Canicross and bikejoring (a form of dry land mushing) that allows us both to exercise. This inspired me to base my BSc (Hons) dissertation on this very unknown sport.

Another reason why I would like to nominate Rainbow is she nursed a kitten, without having had puppies herself. We adopted a very small kitten and Rainbow had just come out of a heat cycle. Having a small vulnerable baby around, induced her into a phantom pregnancy that then resulted in milk production. So she mothered this kitten (it’s like she sensed that this kitty needed a mother, just like she did) The kitten tried to feed off her and she let it. We tried to separate them, to allow Rainbow to recover quicker from her phantom pregnancy but they used to sneak away and do it in private.

Rainbow helped me massively during the 2020 Summer in lockdown. She kept me active and I was never lonely. And in the process, we made many many TIKTOK videos that kept us laughing and in high spirits.

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