Rebeckah Vaughan

Campaigner Nominee

Rebeckah Vaughan

Rebeckah is nominated for a SuperDog Campaigner Award because her love of dogs goes beyond the realm of puppy cuddles and slobbery kisses. She set up a charity called Help a Homeless Dog that collects food, sleeping bags and medication for dogs living on the streets with their homeless humans. She raises awareness for the needs of these vulnerable dogs on her social channels as well as mainstream media and then distributes these vital items herself or via a homeless shelter.

Rebekah is a fantastic super positive person and her love for dogs shines through every time we see her. My puppy is a regular at No More Kennels and absolutely loves his time here with Rebekah and her team. Honestly donโ€™t know what we would do without them and itโ€™s all down to this lovely lady, her vision and unconditional love of all dogs everywhere

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