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I would like to nominate Louis my assistance dog. He is a 2-year-old Chinese crested powderpuff, not the normal dog for this work.

Louis is a rescue dog who truly has rescued me. I have both physical and mental health issues. He tasks to mitigate panic attacks, pots, migraines and pain spikes. He even wakes me from nightmares. Recently he has woken me to alert me to a migraine. He attends medical appointments with me and has brought me back from fainting. He has travelled on North Wales ambulance transport, the first assistance dog to do so. Louis will even task to strangers when needed. He has a large fan club.  I have gone from being suicidal to working on my mental and physical health. With him, we have achieved good citizens bronze, novice trick dog, recall certificate and stage 1 assistance dog.  Thank you for considering him for a SuperDog Award.

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