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Skye, my 4-year-old Labrador, is more than just my pet, she is my furry soulmate and guardian angel. For the last few years, I have had issues with anxiety and depression and she is always there, on the good and bad days offering a reassuring kiss and cuddle.  She never fails to make me smile and her wigglebutt dance always makes me laugh.  Skye has even alerted me when my anxiety has caused me to become too overwhelmed and I have not realised, she will sit in front of me and not budge licking my hand diverting my attention from the surroundings and on to her where just one look in her deep brown eyes is always so calming, we then go find somewhere quiet for me to calm down.

Skye and I also compete in Dog Agility and are Explorers for Dog Furiendly. We love to go to competitions and training and going out to find dog-friendly places to add to the Dog Furiendly Platform (the dog owner equivalent of trip advisor). These activities have really helped with my confidence and with Skye by my side with her natural calming presence I don’t often feel myself becoming overwhelmed knowing she is there with me.

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