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My dog Arthur is the most incredible little chap. He is 8 years old but was born with legge-calvé-perthes disease which meant he had deformed hip bones and needed both neck of femur removed before he was 3. He also lives with none specific seizures due to being over bred in a puppy farm. This isn’t just why he is amazing though, I have severe mental and physical illnesses and before I had Arthur I rarely left my house and didn’t know what it was to actually feel love and joy. Because Arthur needs specific care he needs me to take care of him. I have to ensure he eats every two hours throughout the day and goes for a wee every two hours aswell. He gives me a purpose. I was in a really dark place before Arthur and he makes me smile. We have a really special relationship and without him I don’t know where I would be. He knows when I’m struggling and he’s always there with a smile and a tail wag to give cuddles. Arthur is my absolute hero – he saved my life.

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