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Lexie is my first dog and we brought her home in May 2020. Having been discharged from a 9 month hospital stay over 300 miles away from home in the February, COVID made adjusting back to normal life extremely difficult for me. Lexie was, and is, my lifeline. She has been the reason I get up in the morning and leave the house and she even comes to difficult appointments with me!
Lexie may be β€˜just’ a dog but to me she is so much more. She has been the reason I have survived the last year, despite the pandemic, changes in family circumstances and an unfortunate relapse in my illness.
Following short hospital stays she has greeted me with so much love and affection and given me motivation to carry on fighting.
Having an Eating Disorder is truly awful, but having Lexie by my side makes it so much less lonely and she knows exactly when cuddles are needed.

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