Max Out in the Lake District

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Max Out in the Lake District

Max has done so much for his owner, Kerry who suffered from depression after a serious car accident; and he’s been there not only for me when I lost my springer, but for thousands of other people through this past year who have ben struggline. You only have to look into his eyes and they make you feel better. He is one in a million!

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Janet Peppin
Janet Peppin
2 years ago

Max has been by his owner, Kerry’s, side since first meeting him when Kerry was suffering from depression and constant pain after a serious car accident. Together they have conquered that depression and pain and gone on to help thousands of people all over the world by their twice daily live feeds about their walks with Kerry’s other two Springer Spaniels, Paddy and Harry, in the beautiful Lake District. Max has not only been a wonderful companion to Kerry and his wife, Angela, but to the many people who watch the live feeds. This has been especially true during the lockdowns. So in effect, Max is a virtual companion to thousands all over the world. Max totally deserves this nomination, and hopefully this award.

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