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Pops is amazing. She’s a rescue dog who survived horrifying abuse at a puppy farm and has bloomed into a social media diva dog (@pop_sausage). She is a representative for various animal rescue charities and anti-puppy farming campaigns and she is also a therapy doggy. Pops is a “therapaws” volunteer. This is a program created by the Mayhew animal home, where they assess and team up therapy dogs with people who need a hug and a chat. Pops was ‘stationed’ at Homerton hospital in London, where she visited weekly and would see patients in the elderly care unit. They would love it when we visited and all the residents would wait for their turn for Pops to visit their bedside for a cuddle and a chat.  Pops has also attended various open days and supported charity events for Grenfell Tower and to help raise money for the Mayhew at their open days and public events.  Obviously, this stopped with the pandemic, but Mayhew are still offering zoom sessions between dogs and patients at some hospitals and care homes, and the work they do is truly wonderful. Pops is a king dog with so much personality. She makes anxious people calm and is comfortable with both adults, the elderly, the very sick and children. I’ve always thought that Pops has a deep understanding of pain due to her past, which I genuinely think helps her connect with people who are experiences a tough time. People adore her and she really does make a difference.

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