Puggy Smalls

SuperDog Nominee

Puggy Smalls

Puggy is an incredible dog. He is an influencer doggy with over a million followers across his network and is super popular because of how kind, gentle and hilarious he is. Puggy has had multiple viral videos with billions of views worldwide and when the pandemic hit last year, we created more and more content to cheer people up and provide some light entertainment and escapism.

We were swamped with messages from around the world, thanking us, and Puggy, for spreading the love and bringing smiles. So we signed up to “CAMEO” which is a site that people can request personalised video requests from Puggy himself. Puggy will send messages to people, dress up, give high fives etc… and it became so popular throughout lockdown that at one point Puggy was recording 100 videos a day!

Puggy helped people connect with their loved ones in a truly unique way in unprecedented times. It was lovely to send mothers day messages, Easter and birthday wishes, but most of all we loved when requests came in to thank the Key Workers and NHS staff.   Thanks to Puggy a lot of people smiled in times when there wasn’t much to smile about, and we couldn’t be more proud of him!

Puggy has had some health issues of his own and has recently had to have extensive texts such as MRI scans and Spinal taps. It’s lovely to see all the messages of support flooding in for him from people who felt he made a difference to them!

Puggy is nominated for a SuperDog Award

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