Doris the gentle giant assistance dog helping a military veteran live life to the full.

SuperDog Doris and wheelchair-bound owner Lorraine

Doris the gentle giant assistance dog helping a military veteran live life to the full.

When you think about an assistance dog, the dependable soulful eyes of the calm and steady labrador springs to mind. Lorraine has a slightly more ‘substantial’ helper in the form of 60kg Doris, the gentle giant Leonberger.  Nominated for a Carer Award in the Naturo Superdog Awards, Lorraine her owner would be lost without her.

Lorraine explains, “Doris is a Leonberger and she is my disability assistance dog, which is not a role Leonbergers are known for. She helps me undress, empties my washing machine, picks up the mail, helps when out shopping & picks up things I drop.”

These physical assists are life changing for Lorraine and allows her to live a life with her own independence and dignity but more than that, Doris also has proven invaluable in terms of offering mental support for Lorraine too.  

“After more than 50 years of life I have just found out I have Aspergers, as well as the PTSD I already suffer from. Doris knows when I need some extra reassurance. She knows when I need a hug or to take time out and she will just sit calmly by my side.  If I have a bad dream she will be by my bed. She makes me get up and go out for some air and exercise every day.”

Lorraine’s love for her dog is clear and we agree Doris is a wonderful example of a Superdog who has transformed Lorraine’s life just by being her. As Lorraine says..

Doris and Lorraine

“I’m nominating Doris for a SuperDog Worker Award because, without her, I feel I would just be another military veteran statistic who found life too much”

Is your dog your hero? Show them some love and nominate them for a Naturo SuperDog Award here.

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