Top Superdog names emerge and Rover is nowhere to be found!

a group of five different dog breeds pose for SuperDog

Top Superdog names emerge and Rover is nowhere to be found!

We have been inundated with thousands of gut-wrenching, thought-provoking and heart-warming stories over the last few months and it is now time for you, the public, to vote for your favourites.  

Every single dog, without exception, is a Superdog in our eyes, and now is the time for everyone to read their stunning stories. 

Whilst going through the shocking stories of abhorrent human cruelty, incredulous survival instincts and crucial support for those suffering from both mental and physical illness, it has become clearer than ever what special souls our canines are. 

Another interesting detail that has emerged from the mountain of nominations is a glimpse into the nation’s favourite dog names! 

Here at the Naturo Superdog Awards we have compiled a list of the Top 5 male and female dog names which have featured within the nominations and it may come as a surprise to hear that Rover doesn’t get so much as a sniff! 

It seems the public has turned to much more human-sounding names for their furry family members. In fact, the list could easily be swapped with this year’s Top baby names and no one would bat an eyelid. 

Topping the Superdog list are Bella and Milo, both names which have featured significantly in the most popular human baby names over the past 2 years. Following up closely are Poppy and Bailey along with Lily and Teddy. 

Top 5 Superdog Boy Names







Top 5 Superdog Girl Names






An influence from the Royals could be attributed to the inclusion of Archie and Lily and Milo and Bella have hung on to their top spot. 

Whilst the most popular names have featured in the Superdog Awards categories we can’t help but mention some of the more unusual names that we simply adore.. Hummus is a top favourite along with Mr Wiggles, Waffle, Reggie Roo Roo, Wonky Wanda, Woodstock and Yogi Peanut! 

Whatever the name of your pooch, we are all agreed, they are all superheroes and we can’t wait to honour them in their very own red-carpet Award ceremony on 9th November.

Don’t forget the kleenex and cast your vote now!

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